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The Good News about Life

A compilation of materials used to talk to 8th grade students throughout the Archdiocese.  Teaching couples or teams are sent by Archbishop to 8th grade classrooms to give this talk on chastity and life issues.  If you are invited by your pastor, DRE, etc to speak to youth, please feel free to use these materials. [Part 1; Part 2] [powerpoint]

6 Simple Ways to Build a Culture of Life with Youth

Please consider sharing these with your youth minister, youth group, CCD classes, homeschooling ministry, young adult group, or others.

Respect Life Coloring, Poster & Essay Contest

Suggestions for supplies, rules, action steps, etc.  [printable version]

Building a Culture of Life with Middle & High School Students

The Division of Youth and Young Adult Ministry and the Respect Life Office have compiled these resources for those who serve young people.  Please contact if you need further assistance or have suggestions.

Click here for a printable consolidation of Building a Culture of Life with Middle and High School Students.

“In this mobilization for a new culture of life no one must feel excluded: everyone has an important role to play. Together with the family, teachers and educators have a particularly valuable contribution to make. Much will depend on them if young people, trained in true freedom, are to be able to preserve for themselves and make known to others new, authentic ideals for life, and if they are to grow in respect for and service to every other person, in the family and in society.” Evangelium Vitae n. 98.

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