School Board Leadership Webinar Series

What does an effective School Board look like at your school?

As our schools provide an atmosphere of growth to our students, an effective school board provides the leadership, guidance, and support vital for our school’s growth.

Whether a school board has been in place for several years or is just forming, it is critical that they have the tools and information necessary to be effective, mission-oriented leaders. In support of the recommendation that every school have a fully constituted school board and given opportunities for board development, the Department of Catholic Schools created the School Board Leadership Webinar series.

Who will benefit?

  • Presidents
  • Chairpersons
  • Vice Chairpersons
  • Officers
  • Board Members
  • Committee chairs and members
  • Principals
  • Pastoral Representatives
  • Anyone who works with Catholic school boards

Course Format:
A hands-on introductory workshop on strategic planning followed by a series of 60 minute webinars targeted to specialty committee members including:

  • Finance
  • Catholic identity
  • Advancement/Development
  • Marketing/Customer Service
  • Nominating/Membership
  • Facilities

Representation from each school and/or or school board was encouraged at the introductory workshop on strategic planning. It was also recommended that a specialty committee member attend their respective webinar. Advance registration was required. Webinar participant schools will receive access to a toolkit featuring additional resources on the webinar topic.

School Board Leadership

Webinar Series 1

School Board Leadership

Webinar Series 2

School Board Leadership

Webinar Series 3

School Board Leadership

Webinar Series 4

School Board Leadership

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