Making Abortion Unthinkable


Making Abortion Unthinkable

Have you ever had opportunities pass you by when you could have made a difference if you had just known how to reach the abortion minded person – a relative, stranger, or friend?

Well, then, this is for you!


If you’d like to see a training in your area, please contact  We would need a good date, a room with tables, and a TV/DVD player.  We can provide the materials, refreshments, and speaker.


Through Pro-life Apologetics Training (Pro-life 101) using part of the “Making Abortion Unthinkable” DVD series from Stand to Reason, attendees will receive a comprehensive and practical guide to presenting the facts about abortion and why it should be outlawed in a peaceful, charitable, rational and intelligent way. It will show how to answer common objections in a respectful way, in order to convince pro-choice people that abortion is wrong.

small fee includes training binder and refreshments.

  • Refreshments, Registration & Fellowship
  • Prayer & Introduction
  • Session 1: Simplifying the Issue
  • Session 2: The Scientific Case
  • Break
  • Session 3: The Philosophical Case
  • Session 4: Answering the Objections
  • Closing & Prayer


Appropriate for all adults and mature high school juniors and seniors.

Please RSVP to or (410) 707-9842.

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