Everyday Respect Life

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Everyday Respect Life: What I Can Do in My Daily Life

(adapted from Diocese of New Orleans website)

  • BECOME INFORMED about the issue and share your knowledge with classmates, teammates, relatives, friends, and neighbors.

  • When you are assigned a paper or project, CHOOSE A RESPECT-LIFE TOPIC whenever possible, especially if the project involves a class presentation.

  • Arrange a RESPECT-LIFE PRESENTATION for your Catholic group (Pro-life Group, Youth Group, etc.).

  • Ask your respect life parish coordinator to assist you in finding a speaker or call your diocesan Respect-Life Office.

  • Don’t walk away from discussions about abortion and euthanasia at school or where family and acquaintances gather.  BE INFORMED AND DISCUSS THE ISSUES.

  • GIVE RESPECT LIFE BOOKS and brochures to your high school or college library.

  • WRITE LETTERS TO THE EDITOR of your local newspapers in response to articles and opinion pieces that endorse an anti-life position.  Take every opportunity to propose the Respect Life position.  

  • Join your parish RESPECT-LIFE COMMITTEE. 

  • Start or join a RESPECT-LIFE GROUP at your school.

  • DONATE baby clothes, formula, and disposable diapers to your local Crisis Pregnancy Center.

  • VISIT the elderly in a local nursing home.

  • VOLUNTEER ONE EVENING a week with your local Crisis Pregnancy Center or nursing home.  Consider spending some time during your summer with a camp for children with disabilities.

  • Put a respect life BUMPER STICKER on your car.

  • Wear a “PRECIOUS FEET PIN” – a great introduction to defend the unborn – on your backpack.

  • Say the SPIRITUAL ADOPTION Prayer with greater fervor.  Introduce at least one friend to the prayer.

  • Hold a “Wash for Life” carwash and donate proceeds to a life offering cause such as Camp GLOW, a residential summer camp for adults with developmental disabilities.

  • Next time you hear of someone’s pregnancy, BE REAFFIRMING and give support to God’s gift of new life.

  • PRAY at an abortion clinic.

  • FAST one day a month in reparation for sins against human life.

  • Pray a ROSARY or NOVENA for 9 consecutive days to pray for an end to threats against human life.

  • PRAY for our political leaders, that they may have the courage to protect life.

  • Grab every possible opportunity to SPEAK UP for the unborn, handicapped and elderly that can’t defend themselves.

Respect Life