Respect Life Month 2020

What is Respect Life Month?



Although we are devoted to protecting and nurturing life at every stage all year long, we set aside October as a special time to acknowledge the sanctity of all human life and to recommit ourselves to engaging in prayer and activity that promotes the dignity of the human person.

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops provides resources to all parishes nationally to assist in increasing the awareness of life issues and in planning events for the next year. This year’s theme is Living the Gospel of Life.

During Respect Life Month, we are encouraged to participate in dedicated prayer, Eucharistic processions, vigils, sidewalk counseling, and volunteer efforts to help support agencies and organizations that support the dignity of life by providing care for those who need it.  The fall 40 Days for Life Campaign coincides with Respect Life Month giving people many opportunities to participate in important efforts aimed at ending abortion.

Due to current event restrictions, this year’s Respect Life Month activities may look a little different, but there are still ways to get involved!

40 Days for Life campaigns are typically outdoors and many vigils are maintained by small groups every hour. Pregnancy centers and other organizations helping women and families with unexpected pregnancies are currently seeking resources and donations from volunteers. There are also virtual rosaries with Respect Life intentions from the USCCB and the McGrath Institute at Notre Dame. Newly revised resources for end-of-life planning are available through the USCCB and the Maryland Catholic Conference. Additionally, the Coalition of Catholic Organizations Against Human Trafficking has a list of over 30 organizations that welcome volunteer support in their joint efforts to stop human trafficking.

During Respect Life Month we ask that all Catholics prayerful consider how they are being called by God elevate the dignity of all people by working towards a consistent life ethic that acknowledges the value of life.

Happy Respect Life Month!

“Instead of snuffing out the lives of the most frail and vulnerable, let us instead learn how to accompany them, care for them and support them throughout life’s journey.

(W)e must not allow ourselves to be deluded into thinking that death is the way to deal with social challenges we face.”

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Virtual Ribbon Cutting

[email protected] by Center for Pregnancy Concerns

CPC is a non profit, medical pregnancy center serving women and their families. Their mission is to protect the physical, emotional and spiritual lives of the women and babies they serve by providing free, life affirming, pregnancy related care.  The new Howard Street location, [email protected] located next door to Planned Parenthood, is holding a virtual ribbon cutting on Oct. 22 in lieu of their annual fund raising gala.

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