Admissions Process

Information Gathering

Families are invited to learn more about our Catholic high schools by reaching out to each Admissions Office.   Additionally, families can attend one of our High School Fairs, held throughout the fall.  Shadow days are a wonderful way for prospective students to spend a school day at one of our Catholic high schools.  Finally, families may attend a high school’s Open House.  Engaging with each high school can help families determine which school(s) may be the best fit for their child.  To learn about the application process, as well as options for in-person visits, please contact your high school of interest.

High School Placement Test 

This standardized, timed test is required of every 8th grade student applying to attend a Catholic high school in the Archdiocese of Baltimore.


The common deadline to apply to our Catholic high schools is December 17, 2021.  Please contact your high school(s) of choice to obtain an application for each individual school.  In addition to the regular application, families may apply for scholarships, as well as grant and aid.

Admissions Decisions

All Catholic high schools mail decision letters and can notify applicants via phone or email on one established decision date in February. In case of inclement weather, the notification dates and times remain intact without exception.  After acceptance letters are mailed, there is a two-week “welcome period.” During this time:

  • Schools may initiate contact with their accepted and wait-listed students.
  • Schools may hold receptions to answer questions and assist families with the registration process.
  • Families can pay deposits and register at schools.  If this is done, families should notify any other schools to which they applied about their decision.


Although individual schools may extend their registration period for as long as they deem necessary, two weeks after mailing acceptance letters marks the official end of the Catholic High School Registration Period. Until the end of the two weeks, a Catholic high school may not rescind its offer of admission if all registration requirements have been met. Schools may not require registration or acceptance of any financial aid or scholarship offers prior to the conclusion of the two-week period.