Uses for Posters

The individual-month posters were designed to be used one at a time with the School Spiritual Adoption Program. Here are examples of ways in which the posters are being used: 

  • One high school provided construction paper hearts for the students who then named their spiritually adopted babies, wrote the names on the hearts and pinned them near the poster.
  • One pastor prints a ‘teaser’ in the bulletin each week (for example: “At what age does a baby first suck her thumb? See the bulletin board for the answer” to get people to look at the posters in the back of the church.
  • A high school prolife group decided to run the Spiritual Adoption Program and, instead of displaying the posters in their meeting room, they received permission to post them in the cafeteria.  During morning announcements the first poster was  read aloud over the PA system then posted on the wall in the cafeteria.  This continued every few week, adding to the display in the cafeteria throughout the year.  In this way, even those students who were not participating in the Spiritual Adoption program learned about fetal development.
  • Spiritual Adoption makes an ideal Confirmation Class project because it involves prayer, education and community service.
  • Pregnancy centers love them too, in the counseling room or the ultrasound testing room.
  • The posters can also be used in any educational setting (secular or religious) such as science or biology classes and Religious Education. One teacher found it very effective to read them aloud. The posters are suitable for all ages.
  • A teacher placed the poster, one at a time, week by week, in her classroom without saying a word. Finally, after a few months, she told the class she was pregnant and they had been following her baby’s progress.
  • A college Medical Ethics professor uses them in his lecture on abortion.
  • In preparation for her Speech Class presentation, a college student propped the series of posters on the ledge of the blackboard. She then covered them with a length of white lightweight plastic disposable tablecloth, simply fastened to the wall with a piece of scotch tape at each end. When she began her talk, without turning her back to the class, she unfastened one end of the tape from the wall and let it drop to the floor, thereby ‘unveiling’ the posters. This, along with handing out soft fetal models as she ended her talk as well as giving out precious feet pins made and extremely favorable impression. One young man said afterwards it changed his mind on the question of ‘choice’.
  • A high school sophomore used them during a debate on abortion.
  • They have also been given as gifts to pregnant mothers and used as baby shower decorations/gifts. You can even use them as part of a baby shower ‘game’, quizzing guests about the development they have read about on the posters.
  • A father bought a set so his two sons (9 and 5) could follow the progress of their new little sibling, still in Mommy’s tummy.
  • Many right to life groups use them for display in their booths at state or county fairs or for teaching in schools.
  • Walk for Life event-two mile walk with nine pausing points, each displaying one poster mounted on a pole. Participants are invited to stop, rest and read about the stages of development of the child in the womb. Children especially are fascinated to see the pictures and learn about babies growing in their mothers’ wombs.
  • Parishes use them for church fairs and Respect Life Month displays.
  • Doctors and hospitals have brought them for their offices and childbirth classes.
  • Home-schoolers love them.