Support for Adverse Prenatal Diagnosis

For excellent information about supporting families confronted with poor prenatal diagnosis, please consider viewing or reading the following webinar:  Threats to the Life of People With Disabilities, Part 1:  Poor Prenatal Diagnosis of Lethal or Non-lethal Conditions & Disability, National Catholic Partnership on Disability.

Make resources available.

“Prenatal Testing: A Closer Look” informs readers about the medical, emotional, spiritual, and moral issues involved.

“Our Unborn Baby Has a Problem” guides couples who receive a prenatal diagnosis showing their unborn baby has a problem.

These sensitively written items are full of information, faith, and comfort. Both 32-page booklets are available from Elizabeth Ministry.

Be Not Afraid and Isaiah’s Promise are helpful web sites for parents.

Prenatal Partners for Life is a group of concerned parents (most of whom have or had a special needs child), medical professionals, legal professionals and clergy whose aim is to support, inform and encourage expectant or new parents.

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep is an organization that provides the free gift of professional photography to parents suffering a loss.

Respect Life