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Archbishop Lori says pastoral on racism ‘most welcome’ in Archdiocese of Baltimore

Archbishop William E. Lori, who served as a consultant to the committee drafting the pastoral, said the pastoral is “most welcome” in the archdiocese. He said the archdiocese is putting together a dialogue process for which the pastoral will be a great help.
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Archbishop Lori reflects on completed bishops’ meeting

Archbishop Lori offered his reflections on the recently completed bishops meeting in Baltimore.
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Bishop Parker joins Facebook Live panel discussion at meeting of U.S. bishops

“Trust is such a difficult thing – it’s a difficult thing to earn, it’s a difficult thing to maintain and trust is really all about relationship,” Bishop Parker said during the session.
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Archbishop Lori addresses Baltimore media at bishops’ meeting

“I think the thing to keep your eye on is not the formality of whether it’s a resolution or a formal vote. The thing to keep our eye on is getting the job done and America, the United States, has been the world leader in this,” Archbishop Lori said.
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Former Glyndon pastor who ministered to those with addiction dies at 83

Father David Carey, former pastor of Sacred Heart in Glyndon and minister to those suffering from addiction, died Nov. 2. He was 83.
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Protesters call for change outside bishops’ conference in Baltimore

Survivors of clergy sexual abuse shared their stories and demanded church reforms outside the fall meeting of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops Nov. 12 in Baltimore.
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Blogs & Commentary

Charity in Truth

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I will report back to you what I’ve heard and how these heartfelt comments, no matter how hard they are to hear at times, will help to shape necessary reforms in our local Church and how they will inform my own contributions to the urgent conversations that are happening at higher levels of our Church. 
Harden not your heart. Combat disaster fatigue with compassion.

Open Window

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It snowed yesterday! I had seen that snow and sleet were in the forecast, but so often storms don’t amount to much—especially in mid-November.

Faces of Faith

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Micah Bruser's faith was rejuvenated during a recent mission trip to Haiti.

Question Corner

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Father Doyle fields questions about whether annual confession is mandated and not being able to understand a priest.

Word on Fire

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Tintoretto sheds considerable light on this issue of Apostolic weakness and strength in the very manner in which he has arranged the figures in his composition

The Domestic Church

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As Catholic Christians, we know that we never really lose anyone we love. We might just be physically separated for a while.

Boots Laced

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We can’t just say, “we love the young church.” We have to name them. Jazmine, Michael, Shantay, Jose and all those other young people in your church require adults who can call them by name.

The Narthex

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The Polish priest told the Review that the wood strips in the windows separating the glass panes at Dachau seemed like crosses. Every time he looked out a window, he was reminded of the sign of redemption.

Dust and Dewfall

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May God help us to be open to the Holy Spirit, even if it is surprisingly coming through another person we may not feel is “qualified” or through a person we may not “like” or may not know.

Baltimore Boomer

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It’s been three weeks since a man with a grudge and a rifle shot down the doorway to the Annapolis Capital and murdered five of its employees, among them two colleagues. Every one of those 21 days has been required to process the mysteries of life and what can only be described as survivor’s guilt.

The Catholic Difference

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The Great War destroyed Western confidence in traditional authorities and bred a deep skepticism of, and even contempt for, “the great and the good” that remains a factor in our public life.

Behind the Headlines

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It’s time now for those of us in the church to funnel our anger and frustration into helping the victims and the church to heal. The church may have stumbled and fallen along the way when it comes to protecting children and vulnerable adults. God willing, we have learned from our falls and our failures. 

Fertile Soil

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Modernity is not a constant movement towards progress. Instead the modern worldview has a gaping hole right in the middle of it.

Guest Commentary

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Rome does indeed move slowly, but the U.S. bishops, who are clearly feeling the pressure from their people, are committed to applying pressure of their own.

Wit & Wisdom

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It’s good to remember the many, many good priests who inspired such generosity.


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Every year, during our back-to-school liturgies, I scan the pews and say a prayer of gratitude and a petition for a successful school year for each of my colleagues. This year my task was more difficult because as I scanned the congregation, I was forced to recognize that one of us wasn’t there and never...

A More Human Society

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Our medical system has been giving up on far too many of these patients, prematurely ensuring their deaths based on faulty diagnoses and self-fulfilling hopeless predictions.

Snippets of FAith

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I’ve never done that before – prayed only for myself in a single prayer session – and yet it felt suitable. No way I could have survived 59 years without God.

Our Back Pages

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Good Samaritan Hospital came into existence thanks to the generosity of Thomas J. O’Neill, a merchant who famously asked Carmelite nuns to pray that his store be spared during the Great Baltimore fire of February 1904.

The Work of Her Hands

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The recent canonization of St. Oscar Romero was a moment of pride for many in our community.

World News

Six sex abuse survivors announce lawsuit against U.S. bishops

As the U.S. bishops entered the last public part of their 2018 fall general assembly, centered largely on the clergy sex abuse crisis, six clergy sex abuse survivors announced Nov. 14 a lawsuit against the prelates' main organization, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.
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Milan court rules against former nuncio in inheritance lawsuit

A civil court in Milan ordered Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, a longtime diplomat and former Vatican nuncio to the United States, to return close to 2 million euro plus interest and legal fees to his brother Father Lorenzo Vigano.
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Movie Review: ‘Beautiful Boy’

What "Beautiful Boy" (Amazon) captures best about the raw pain of drug dependency is the sheer randomness of it.
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Pilgrims set out on 50-mile walk in penance, prayer from Emmitsburg to Baltimore

Nineteen people set out Nov. 9 on day one of a three-day trek on foot from Emmitsburg to Baltimore, dubbed “Fifty Miles in Faith: Pilgrimage-Walk for the Priesthood in Penance and Prayer.”
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People must choose: path toward holiness or nothing, pope says

Saints are not just the well-known men, women and young people on the liturgical calendar, Pope Francis said on the feast of All Saints.
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Martin Scorsese asks pope question as pontiff says young people must learn from mistakes of the past

Pope Francis said young men and women today need to learn from their elders what led to the great wars of the 20th century so "they won't fall for the same mistake."
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