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Baltimore archdiocese to break ground on new city school

In prioritizing young lives at risk, we summon all within our communities to nurture and care for those who will determine our future, inasmuch as we make possible their own.
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How Mother Mary Lange Catholic School got its name

“She is sort of the mother of literacy in this area. The mother of education,” Moore said of Mother Lange.
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Maryland Catholic Conference appoints new executive director

Jennifer Kraska has been appointed the new executive director of the Maryland Catholic Conference, the Annapolis-based conference announced in an Oct. 21 news release.
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Mercy High School, Notre Dame of Maryland University mourn death of Amayah Charles

The Mercy High School community gathered Oct. 17 for a prayer service to recall Amayah Charles, a 2018 graduate who died Oct. 14 in a car accident on the Baltimore Washington Parkway.
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Laguna people are example of perseverance in faith, Archbishop Lori says

The native peoples of the Laguna community in New Mexico are a “living example” of perseverance in faith, Archbishop William E. Lori said Oct. 12 during a Mass at a historic 320-year-old mission church.
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Baltimore park remains closed as drug activity persists

St. Vincent de Paul Parish is still grappling with how to reopen the corner park adjacent to its downtown church since it was forced to close the area Sept. 21.
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Blogs & Commentary

Charity in Truth

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Turbulence is an unwelcome experience, but it also serves a purpose. It reminds us that we really are flying 35,000 feet above the earth, and that’s not without risk.
Bring on the flavors of the harvest and the memories of a tree at my boyhood home that burst into brightness every year, and I’ll accept the shorter days and longer shadows.

Open Window

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Maybe there’s a little extra wonder when we almost overlook that evolution—in nature and even in ourselves.

Faces of Faith

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“I think (my faith) is one of the things I fall back on,” he said. “I’ve spent more of my life being a Catholic than being a doctor.”

Question Corner

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Father Doyle fields questions on heaven and raising children in the faith when in a mixed marriage.

Word on Fire

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Will gets some important things right, but he gets some even more basic things quite wrong.

The Domestic Church

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We want to believe the sun will rise tomorrow and we’ll embrace the fullness of another day. We must live life with that hope. There is no other way.

Guest Commentary

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I grew to know him as a friend, a fervent advocate for the poor, and as a quintessential leader and civil rights icon who fought for justice and equality for all, especially those he served.

The Narthex

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If there’s one thread that runs throughout the selected homilies, it’s courage.

Dust and Dewfall

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One of more profound memories from my priesthood involved a visit a few years ago with an elderly man in the hospital who was dying.

Baltimore Boomer

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You have to live in a cave not to know a family or three who have lost a loved one to the opioid epidemic,  but for me, the violence infesting and dragging down Baltimore has never hit closer.

The Catholic Difference

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Catholicism is dying in the German-speaking world, not because the Gospel has been proclaimed and found incredible or hard, but because it hasn’t been proclaimed with joy, confidence, and zeal.

Behind the Headlines

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Bishop Brennan's new crosier was crafted by a longtime friend who imagined what King David's crosier may have looked like.

Our Back Pages

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The fleeting image of the demure and habited nun furtively flashing the two-finger peace sign in the 1970 documentary “Woodstock” has floated softly through five decades now, a lasting if elusory symbol that touches on the historic music festival but ultimately alights someplace else.

Snippets of FAith

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How is it people and young adults grow up Catholic, experience all there is taught to us about the Trinity through religion classes, nuns and priests’ instruction, get baptized, make first holy Communion, confess young sins in first reconciliation, invite a sponsor to touch our shoulder during Confirmation, take vows in matrimony ... and then...

Wit & Wisdom

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The power of evil destroys life. We share the power of God when we give life.


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A young super-speller tells his story.

A More Human Society

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Should doctors and nurses be forced to take part in procedures that violate their conscience? It's a timely question. New federal regulations to enforce existing conscience protection laws are being challenged in federal courts.

World News

Thieves steal statues used at synod prayer, throw them in the river

Two men entered a Catholic Church near the Vatican early Oct. 21 and stole copies of a statue of a pregnant woman that had been a centerpiece of several prayer services connected to the Synod of Bishops for the Amazon.
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At catacombs, synod members pledge simplicity, closeness to the poor

More than a half century after a group of bishops at the Second Vatican Council made a solemn pledge to live a simple lifestyle close to their people, a group of participants from the Synod of Bishops for the Amazon signed a new pact in the Catacombs of Domitilla.
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Barr sees ‘growing refusal’ to accommodate free exercise of religion

Religion "helps promote moral discipline within society" and "helps teach, train and habituate people to want what is good," U.S. Attorney General William Barr told an audience at the University of Notre Dame Law School.
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Father Charles Canterna discusses how the power of grace prevails over evil. Listen above.

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Kindly lights in gloomy world: Pope declares five new saints

Saints are people who recognized their need for God's help, who took risks to discover God's will and to help others and who nurtured a habit of thanksgiving, Pope Francis said.
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Banners unfurled as faithful share stories of five saints

The Vatican hung banners of the Catholic Church's newly canonized saints four days before the Mass that would officially recognize that they are in heaven with God.
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Fear, status quo smother fire of God’s love, pope says at synod Mass

The Catholic Church's mission in the world is to spread the fire of God's love and must not be limited to the "'ordinary maintenance' of those who already know the Gospel," Pope Francis said.
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