Communications Office

Communications Office
320 Cathedral Street
Baltimore, MD 21201
Phone: 410-547-5517
Fax: 410-625-8480


Mr. Sean Caine, Exec Dir Communications & Mktg
Mrs. Mary Ellen Russell, Community Liasion
Mr. Timothy Murphy, Creative Services Director
Mr. George Matysek, Digital Editor

Mrs. Lauren Robinson, Director of Marketing

Mr. Tim Swift, Social Media Specialist
Mrs. Sara Travlos, Senior Graphic Designer
Mr. Blake McCoy, Account Manager
Ms. Patricia Richardson, Administrative Assistant
Mr. John McNulty, Sr. Account Manager
Mr. Kevin Parks, Visual Journalist
Mr. Paul McMullen, Managing Editor
Mr. Christopher Gunty, CEO/Associate Publisher/Editor

Contact Catholic Review

Christopher Gunty, CEO/Associate Publisher/Editor, Catholic Review | 443-524-3150
George Matysek, Digital Editor | 443-263-0255
Kevin Parks, Visual Journalist | 443-263-0254

Send requests for prayers to

Catholic Printing

Mr. Timothy Zerhusen, Print & Facilities Mgr
Mr. Steven Havens, Press Operator

The following list contains documents and other publications that are disseminated by the Communications Office:

Press Releases – See an archive of Press Releases published by the Communications Office

Archdiocesan Bulletin – A daily, electronic publication sent out to members all over the diocese; contents include information and upcoming events taking place throughout the Archdiocese.