Youth Ministry

Forming youth and those who accompany them into missionary disciples of Jesus Christ

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What We Do

Empower Young Leaders

The Catholic Church is emboldened by the leadership of young people. Empowering young leaders with accompaniment and encouragement they are trained and formed to realize the vision of missionary discipleship.

Host Dynamic Youth Events

Youth events give witness to the power of God active in the young church. When the young church gathers they are a witness to their own missionary discipleship and they offer a living testimony of their love for Jesus Christ and their Catholic community.

Sponsor Transformational Missions

The young church are active agents of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Through mission they offer their gifts to build God’s eternal Kingdom and realize their own calling towards justice and reconciliation.

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Support Youth Ministry Teams

Those who accompany the young church need to be missionary disciples of Jesus Christ who love him and his Church.  Support for youth ministry leaders creates transformational adults who have a passion to empower young people to live as disciples of Jesus Christ in our world today.

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The Archdiocese of Baltimore’s Institute for Evangelization is a new model for engagement with parishes seeking to realize their evangelizing mission more fully.
The Institute is composed of four offices that collaborate closely to ensure that support is never “one-size fits all” but can adapt to the changing needs of each parish community.