Tips for Creating a Respect Life Classroom Setting

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  • Provide students with and invite them to wear precious feet pins.
  • Hang Little One Sweet Poster for Spiritual Adoption in the classroom.
  • Ask students to write their own prayer for life.  Pray each student’s prayer as a class throughout the year.
  • Infuse the respect life in all lessons, when appropriate.
  • Create a bulletin board with a respect life theme.  If you need resources, please contact
  • Designate a class writing assignment with a respect life theme.
    • Op-ed on a current life issue
    • Letters to government officials asking for their support for pro-life legislation
  • Show a DVD that focuses on a respect life issue.  Be sure to preview for age and content.  For suggestions, please contact
  • Teach current events lessons on specific life issues.
  • Hold a classroom debate on a pro-life in wheelchair
  • Invite a pro-life speaker to class.  For suggestions, please contact
  • Plan fundraisers for a local pregnancy center or to put up a pro-life billboard in your community.
  • Organize a field trip to a local nursing home to visit the elderly.
  • Plan a class retreat around a respect life theme.

Respect Life