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God-given dignity, we promote respect for life in all stages.

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Latest News

Supreme Court stops Texas execution for inmate’s religious liberty

The U.S. Supreme Court granted a last-minute stay of execution for Texas death-row inmate Ruben Gutierrez June 16, saying the state prison officials need to reexamine their rule that bans clergy from being with prisoners to the execution chamber.

HHS rule helps ‘restore rights of health care providers,’ say bishops

The chairmen of three U.S. bishops' committees welcomed a final rule implemented by the Trump administration June 12 to restore "the long-standing position of the federal government that discrimination on the basis of 'sex' means just that and does not refer to 'termination of pregnancy' nor 'gender identity.'"

Center for Pregnancy Concerns’ Howard St. location expected to open on schedule

The pro-life Center for Pregnancy Concerns (CPC) will open as planned at 328 N. Howard St. in Baltimore, next door to the city’s Planned Parenthood location, late this summer, according to Gina Ruppert, executive director of CPC.

Pope prays for U.S., calls racism a pro-life issue

Observing with great concern the social unrest unfolding in the United States, Pope Francis said no one can claim to defend the sanctity of every human life while turning a blind eye to racism and exclusion.

Death penalty opponents decry first execution carried out amid pandemic

Catholic advocates against the death penalty spoke out against Missouri's May 19 execution of a death-row inmate, Walter Barton, whose death by lethal injection was the first execution to happen during the pandemic.

Belgium’s Brothers of Charity cut ties to their homes over euthanasia

Belgium's Brothers of Charity have cut ties with their 15 homes for psychiatric patients after the Vatican stripped the institutions of their Catholic status because euthanasia was permitted on their premises.