Deaf Ministry

Ministering to the deaf and hard of hearing of the archdiocese, and their families, educators and parishes

We Serve

Deaf and hard of hearing children and adults in our Archdiocese

The families of these individuals

Parishes and church leadership


What We Do

The Deaf Ministry for the Archdiocese of Baltimore serves Catholics who are deaf or hard of hearing and hearing families with deaf and hard of hearing children. The Deaf Ministry offers opportunities for Mass, sacraments, prayer, and Community. We are available to parishes, their ministers, catechists, educators and parishioners working with Deaf and Hard of Hearing members.

Provide Mass Interpreters

Offer Bible Studies

Organize Special Liturgies

Jesus hears the prayer of faith, expressed in words … or in silence. (CCC 2616)

“Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.”

-St. Mother Teresa

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The Archdiocese of Baltimore’s Institute for Evangelization is a new model for engagement with parishes seeking to realize their evangelizing mission more fully.
The Institute is composed of four offices that collaborate closely to ensure that support is never “one-size fits all” but can adapt to the changing needs of each parish community.