Scholarships are merit-based awards that fall under various factors, such as academic achievement, leadership, family legacy, or fine arts. While scholarships do not need to be repaid, many have requirements that must be maintained throughout the high school career.

Some scholarship opportunities for students applying to a Catholic high school include:

The Knott Scholarship Fund

This awards four-year, full-tuition scholarships to attend a Catholic high school located in Baltimore City, or in Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Carroll, Frederick, Harford, or Howard County. These scholarships are awarded to Catholic students who excel in academics. To apply, a student must meet all criteria listed on the Knott web site.


Caroline D. Bradley Scholarship

Awarded through the Institute for Educational Advancement, the Caroline D. Bradley Scholarship is awarded to exceptionally gifted middle school students who have demonstrated academic and personal excellence. The application process takes place when students are in 7th grade.


Knights of Columbus Scholarships

The Maryland State Council of the Knights of Columbus sponsors high school scholarships for its members and Catholic students in general. The application period lasts from October 1 to February 1, and includes:

The Frederick M. Gossman Memorial High School Scholarship

Designed to assist sons and daughters of members of the Knights of Columbus in paying tuition at accredited Catholic high schools, three grants of $1,500 per year, for up to four years, are awarded. Scholarships are granted based on academic excellence, personal qualifications, and financial need.

The William J. O’Brien, Jr. Memorial Catholic High School Scholarship

Three grants of $1,500 per year, for up to four years, are awarded. This is open to Catholic students accepted at or attending accredited Catholic high schools in the jurisdiction of the Maryland State Knights of Columbus. Candidates must be Catholic students who are Maryland residents.  Additionally, children and grandchildren of a Knights of Columbus council member within Maryland qualify. Applications are judged based on academic excellence, personal qualifications, and financial need.

Colleen and Erin Marlatt Scholarship

Awarded through the The Colleen and Erin Marlatt Scholarship Fund, this scholarship recognizes the significant sacrifices made by teachers and administrators who accept God’s call to the ministry of Catholic education. To be eligible, a student must be a dependent of a full-time teacher or administrator with at least three years in a Catholic elementary or high school in the Archdiocese of Baltimore. The student must be a rising freshman at a Catholic high school.

Theresa F. Truschel Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Established to provide scholarships to students attending Catholic schools at all levels, this foundation also gives grants to Catholic institutions and organizations helping those in need of temporary assistance. Applications must be postmarked by April 30th.