Catholic Schools

Catholic Schools
320 Cathedral Street
Baltimore, MD 21201
Phone: 410-547-5515
Fax: 410-547-5566

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James B. Sellinger Sr., Chancellor of Catholic Schools
Dr. Camille Lewis Brown, Associate Superintendent
M. Margaret Dammeyer, Associate Superintendent
Donna M. Bridickas, Associate Superintendent
Joseph J. Oleszczuk, Director IT - Education
Mary V. Destino, Director of School Excellence
Lauren E. Robinson, Director of Marketing
Laura A. Mooney, Director of Enrollment Mgmt
Eric C. Watts, Director, Instr. & Student Ach
Denise M. Garman, Director Student Support Svcs.
Sunda Cramer, Application Support Manager
Darnell D. Nathaniel, Regional Tech Coordinator
Kristin M. Pinkowski, Operation Teach Coordinator
Nancy E. Reed, Technology Integration Special
Christopher A. Robinson, Regional Tech Coordinator
Bianca G. Giudici, Administrative Assistant II
Jane McClure, Administrative Assistant II
Jennifer R. Lindstrom, Schools Data Analyst
Landy M. Glenn, Administrative Assistant II
Dr. Donna Hargens, Superintendent

Child Nutrition Office

Isabelle Gerber, Program Manager
April L. Bain, Fiscal Accountability Manager