Coffee & Doughnuts with Jim Hunter

Jim Hunter, Baltimore Orioles announcer and parishioner of St. Mark in Fallston, sits down with the Catholic Review.
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Archbishop Lori’s Homily: Congressman Lawrence J. Hogan Sr.’s funeral

The victory which Larry sought throughout his long and accomplished life was not only to enter the halls of government but indeed to enter the halls of heaven where the saints rejoice forever in the presence of the Triune God.
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Why do you want to be married in the Catholic Church?

Too often we forget that marriage is a sacrament of the church. The sacraments are a lot bigger than we are.
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Easter Vigil

Faith blossoms from tragedy

After his brother-in-law was murdered and his wife was shot, José Melo had a crisis of faith before finding healing in the church.
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Pope Francis greets crowd in year of mercy

Celebrating the Year of Mercy

In the Archdiocese of Baltimore, holy doors have been designated at seven locations.
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John Harbaugh Discusses Faith in Adversity

The Raven's head coach spoke at the 2016 Catholic Men's Fellowship of Maryland Annual Conference on March 5.
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Mother Teresa’s Story Speaks To Millennials Like Me

Mother Teresa's sainthood doesn't come as a surprise, but the story of her inner conflict might.
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Over one year after unrest, church’s West Baltimore effort continues

West Baltimore, with help from the Archdiocese of Baltimore and others, is doing its best to effect positive change.
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Catching up with the ‘Woodstock Nun’

A six-second clip of Sister Susanne Bunn of the Mission Helpers of the Sacred Heart flashing the peace sign at the site of the Woodstock music festival made her a cultural icon.
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