August 18, 2016

Thursday, 20th Week; Mt. St. Mary’s Seminary Opening Mass

I. Introduction A. It may seem a bit unusual to begin a new year of seminary formation with a reflection on a wedding feast. In fact, whether you are a new or returning seminarian, I doubt that you feel as though – you’ve been summoned to a wedding feast. And while I’m sure your evening...
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National security, foreign policy worries a factor in 2016 election

Not since the aftermath of 9/11 has America’s national security and foreign policy seemed to resonate so heavily with the electorate.
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Life is not a race

Life doesn’t always seem fair. And God’s timing often doesn’t match ours. But life is also not a race. And many of the dreams you have along the way ultimately become reality eventually, or a different dream comes true.
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Over one year after unrest, church’s West Baltimore effort continues

West Baltimore, with help from the Archdiocese of Baltimore and others, is doing its best to effect positive change.
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More good news for churchgoing women

Catholic women who attended religious services once or more per week had a lower rate of suicide than churchgoers of other denominations among the study cohort.
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Movie Review: ‘Ben-Hur’

The bad news for believers is that, primarily because of a poorly written script, this “Ben-Hur” fails to convince when Wallace’s religious theme comes to the fore.
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