Archbishop Lori

Mother Mary Lange’s cause for sainthood moves forward, Archbishop Lori says

Vatican officials are moving ahead with the cause for sainthood for Mother Mary Lange, Baltimore Archbishop William E. Lori said Thursday in Rome.
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Pope Francis poses in the papal library Dec. 3, 2019

From abuse to ‘nones,’ U.S. bishops share concerns with pope

To have the U.S. bishops making their "ad limina" visits now is "very providential, a sign of God's love for us," Archbishop William Lori said.
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Bishop Michael J. Bransfield of Wheeling-Charleston, W.Va., is seen in this 2012 file photo.

Catholic bishops conference disinvites Bransfield from fall assembly

Cardinal Daniel N. DiNardo, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, in consultation with the members of the USCCB Administrative Committee, has taken the highly unusual step of disinviting a fellow bishop from the conference's fall general assembly.
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Fortnight for Freedom: Archbishop Lori urges faithful to work for ‘holiness of freedom and freedom for holiness’

Archbishop Lori urged Catholics to develop in their hearts “the holiness of freedom and freedom for holiness – an irrepressible spirit of freedom, courage and mission that no earthly power can take away from us.”
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In Baltimore, five quick years for Archbishop Lori

Five years in as the 16th shepherd of the first diocese in the United States, it seems like Archbishop Lori is just getting started.
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Thursday after Ash Wednesday; Order of Malta Day of Recollection

I. Introduction: Less Than Nothing A. You may be surprised to learn that sometimes urban legends surround seminary rectors. I’m sure no one is more surprised than the seminarians among us this evening. At any rate, the story is told of a rector who was also a bishop and he was indeed a very grand...
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Ash Wednesday 2017

I. Introduction A. Welcome to the Season of Lent! I hope that that the forty days of Lent that lay before us will be a time of many blessings for you and for your loved ones. Forty days may seem like a long time to do repentance and we might imagine that the days of...
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8th Sunday A; Mass at Morgan State University

I. Introduction A. I am honored and delighted to offer Holy Mass here at historic Morgan State in this beautiful University Chapel. I would like to thank your President, Dr. David Wilson, Rev. Dr. Bernard Keels, Chaplain, as well as Dr. Victor McCrary, Vice-President for Economic Research and Development . . . for their warm...
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Saturday, 7th Week; Annual Archdiocesan Scout Mass

I. Introduction A. Fr. Proffitt, Msgr. Phillips, my brother deacons, and dear friends in Christ: It’s a real pleasure to be with all of you today for the annual Archdiocesan Scout Mass and Presentation of Awards. And thank you so much, Father Proffitt, for hosting us here at St. John’s. B. Let me say how...
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6th Week Friday A; Mid-Atlantic Congress

I. Manually Challenged! I might as well admit it – I’m manually challenged. For the life of me, I can’t drive a nail straight or use a saw. If memory serves, as a child I even had trouble with Legos and Lincoln Logs. And what an unpleasant surprise that was to my parents. When Mom...
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6th Sunday A

I. Introduction A. Some years ago, on a flight from New York to Chicago, a man seated next to me noticed that I was dressed as a priest and asked if he could talk to me about his problems with the Church. Just at that moment the flight attendant told us to buckle our seatbelts...
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5th Sunday A; Knights of Columbus Board Meeting

I. Introduction: “It’s the Culture” A. Years ago I met with a priest to discuss how things were going in his parish. Truth to tell, things were not going well. His parish was in rapid decline; Mass attendance was dropping; school enrollment was decreasing; and worst of all (!) the weekly collection was down. We...
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