Fortnight for Freedom

Use gift of freedom well, Archbishop Lori tells convocation delegates

In the July 3 closing Mass for the Fortnight for Freedom, Archbishop William E. Lori called on Catholics to thank God for the gift of freedom and to pray that they "use this gift well and wisely."
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National effort on religious liberty seen helping state advocacy on issue

Since its creation, the U.S. bishops' religious liberty committee has garnered much attention on the national stage for its efforts to protect religious freedom and fight government infringement on that freedom.
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Fortnight for Freedom: Archbishop Lori urges faithful to work for ‘holiness of freedom and freedom for holiness’

Archbishop Lori urged Catholics to develop in their hearts “the holiness of freedom and freedom for holiness – an irrepressible spirit of freedom, courage and mission that no earthly power can take away from us.”
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