January 6, 2020

Answering prayers

I shall try my best to keep up my part of praying for my friends, family and acquaintances ... but THANK GOD we have God to handle and keep up with the heavy duty stuff.  
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Otra familia para celebrar

Me han preguntado muchas veces si heredé sus buenos genes. No estoy seguro de eso. Pero sé que mamá y papá me han dado una herencia aún más preciosa: el regalo de la vida, el regalo de la fe y el regalo del buen ejemplo.
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Pope prays for dialogue as tensions mount between U.S., Iran

Pope Francis led pilgrims in prayers for peace as tensions between the United States and Iran escalated following the assassination of a top Iranian general.
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Australian Catholics seek prayers as fires continue in four states

As some of the worst wildfires in Australian history rage across four states, thousands of people in affected areas in New South Wales and Victoria continue to be evacuated to safety.
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Sibling revelry

Paul McMullen remembers a 2019 that celebrated his siblings.
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