April 19, 2019

The power of a conversation

On Good Friday it is hard to see the beauty through the darkness and the grief. On Good Friday it is finished. We have faith. We know that Easter will bring incredible joy. We know that not all is lost—that life wins out over death, that love overcomes all evil.
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Archbishop Lori’s Homily: Good Friday 2019

Good Friday is a day of great honesty, a moment in which presumption may not stand. This is that moment to entrust ourselves and the whole of our lives to the One who loved us to the very end. 
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Five ways to keep Jesus in Easter

Here are a few ways we can exercise our faith and have a little Easter fun.
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‘Their Calvary was lengthy’: Pope’s Stations recall those exploited

Recalling Jesus' death on the cross, Pope Francis led thousands on Good Friday in reflecting on the crosses of loneliness, fear and betrayal that crucify countless men, women and children in the world.
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Be servants to one another, pope tells prisoners before washing feet

Jesus' gesture of washing his disciples' feet, an act once reserved to servants and slaves, is one that all Christians, especially bishops, must imitate, Pope Francis told hundreds of inmates and prison employees on Holy Thursday.
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Man arrested after trying to walk into cathedral with flammables

A man who tried to walk through St. Patrick's Cathedral in midtown Manhattan close to 8 p.m. local time April 17 had gas cans, lighter fluid and igniters and claimed he was just cutting through the cathedral to get to Madison Avenue where he had left his car, which he said had run out of...
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