Bianchi’s Wager

Here's my version of the wager. Embrace an authentic Catholic attitude and see how it impacts your life now.
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Remembering who they were

During this time of social distancing, as we wear masks and stay away from people we love, it’s important to remember that we are doing this because life matters. Because love matters.
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Ask St. Rita for help with an impossible situation

St. Rita is patron of several things, including parenthood and marriage difficulties, but what she’s best known for—and perhaps most needed for today—is impossible causes.
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“Do my llama slippers need an Instagram account?” and other pandemic questions

I started thinking about unexpected questions that only seem to come up when you’ve been living under stay-at-home orders for weeks on end.
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A bittersweet moment for the Class of 2020

Heartbreaking as this experience is for the Class of 2020—and it is—I also find the Class of 2020 intriguing and inspiring.
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Class of Covid: The overlooked graduates of the class of 2020

My hats go off to all graduates of all grades everywhere. In surviving this, you have gained wisdom, skill sets, patience and appreciation that will guide you everywhere you go.
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cannon salute

Touchpoints with a saint’s life

As we mark the centenary of the birth of Karol Wojtyla, who became St. John Paul II, it caused me to reflect on moments of my life that intersected with the man who was pope for a great chunk of my life and career in Catholic journalism.
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Discipleship – There’s an app for that!

Rather than connecting some pop culture offering of this moment, I want to promote The Chosen because I want to promote Jesus and discipleship.
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