A Child’s Coronavirus Prayer

This weekend, my 10-year-old godson wrote a prayer. His father emailed it to me to share it with me, and I have his permission to publish it here.

It’s a beautiful prayer, and I called my godson to tell him how much I liked it—and to ask how difficult it was to find the right words.

“I had to sit down and think for a while and start writing,” he said. I wasn’t surprised that he wrote such beautiful words because when we pray family rosaries, his intentions are always very thoughtfully crafted and include people who weren’t immediately on my mind.

Here is his prayer:

Coronavirus Prayer

Dear God,
Help those who are sick and dying,
Help those who are afraid,
Help those who are grieving,
Help those who are mad,
Help those who are having a hard time being good friends and caregivers.
Help those who feel useless and inspire them to be great friends
or sympathizers.
Help me to understand what you need me to do in this hard time.
Help me to be inspired to help like many others.
Help me to be that small difference that changes the world.
May many people in their hardships and fear try to be bold and ask
for your help and forgiveness.
And help us all to understand that in this hard time, what we need
most is the help of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who suffered and died for us.

Rita Buettner

Rita Buettner

Rita Buettner is a wife, working mother and author of the Catholic Review's Open Window blog. She and her husband adopted their two sons from China, and Rita often writes about topics concerning adoption, family and faith.

Rita also writes The Domestic Church, a featured column in the Catholic Review. Her writing has been honored by the Catholic Press Association, the Maryland-Delaware-D.C. Press Association and the Associated Church Press.