Fertile Soil

Something is wrong: The crisis of modern addictions

Modernity is not a constant movement towards progress. Instead the modern worldview has a gaping hole right in the middle of it.
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Preach the Gospel at all times (and without any exceptions)

Sharing our faith is also an inherent aspect of being a Catholic. Are you a Catholic? Do you believe it is good to be a Catholic? If so, how can you not share the faith with everyone?
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How did Jesus become the friend that everyone tries to avoid?

Jesus is present from the moment I wake up, and he is with me until the moment I fall asleep at night. How do I interact with him? How much of that time do I ignore him?
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Jesus said to his disciples

The Litany of Trust: A Prayer for our Times

It was a typical Saturday in late January. My best friend was helping me install a laminate floor in our living room. We took a break to have lunch together, and chitchatted for a bit before he left. Four days later, I received a series of frantic text messages and
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Why having two horrible presidential candidates presents a golden opportunity for Catholics

After the first presidential debate, it was clear we have two of the worst candidates for president imaginable. We would be hard pressed to find individuals more unpopular than Clinton and Trump, and as the election quickly approaches, we are left wondering: what happened? Yet, this election could be a
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Franciscan University: Fertile Soil for the Faith

Pre-theologate students at the Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio, gather for evening prayer in this 2009 file photo. (CNS file photo)When I was a student at Franciscan University, I remember hanging out with my brother’s roommate, Father Michael Gaitley (best-selling author and national speaker), playing intramural volleyball with Jason Evert (author
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