November 27, 2019

‘Time for a different approach’

We have to do something – actually we have to do a lot of somethings: strengthen families, fight poverty, promote the dignity of life – so that when we get to the end of 2020, we’re not looking at 300 or more homicides in Baltimore again.
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Jesuit cancer researcher sees work as reflection of God in the world

He’s been a Jesuit priest for more than a decade, but Father Sumeth Perera spends more time in a lab coat than liturgical vestments.
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Turkey Bowl at 100: Augie Miceli still teaching, leading

The best thing you can do in life is be a consistent, positive example to your family. Teach them to be punctual. Teach them to be a good influence on their community. And, most essential, teach them how to provide care and love to other people, especially those in your family.
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