November 22, 2019

When the Holy Spirit shows up for Sunday School and more (7 Quick Takes)

There are Sunday school teachers who prepare days ahead of time. Then you have me, who often spends Sunday morning flipping through the curriculum for the day while feeding people breakfast.
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NCYC goes from rowdy to reverent for Blessed Sacrament, pope’s message

"Go and fill your surroundings, even the digital ones. Not of convictions," Pope Francis said, setting his paper down and speaking off-script directly to the youths. "Not to convince others. Not to proselytize. But to bear witness of the tenderness and mercy of Jesus."
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Turkey Bowl 100: Devoted over distance, time

There may be longer Turkey Bowl attendance streaks, but few have embraced one of Maryland’s most enduring sporting traditions as fervently as Ed Romans and Bill Korrow.
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Youths say NCYC theme of ‘Blessed, Broken, Given’ has deep meaning for them

For three days, the 20,000 teenagers form a joyful, energetic and unifying representation of how much their Catholic faith means to them, of how much they have to offer the church.
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Poland’s communist-era primate recalled for sanctity, statesmanship

"We must see him not just as a statesman who led church and society, like Moses, through the red sea of communism, but also as a fervent believer in God who served people," said Capuchin Father Gabriel Bartoszewski, vice postulator of the cardinal's process.
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A missionary shares joy, not rules, pope tells Thai clergy, religious

In a large, predominantly Catholic village outside Bangkok, tens of thousands of people lined the roads and filled the grounds of a church complex to greet Pope Francis.
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