September 1, 2018

“Raven” about a wish that came true

When you’re counting down to an event, it seems to take forever to get there. And then all of a sudden, it’s time! And you’re there! And it’s all happening in a wonderful rush.
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When hard conversations have to happen

For children's sake, for our church's sake, for the sake of our own souls, we cannot choose the easy way out and avoid what is difficult to say or do.
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Restaurant’s culinary program helps former inmates achieve success

Edwins -- short for education wins -- is a venture of Brandon Chrostowski, 38, a no-nonsense, hard-driving entrepreneur who saw a need to help people released from prison. He envisions eventually that Edwins will host the country's best culinary school and provide well-trained chefs and servers to the city's burgeoning local food scene.
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Former nuncio now says sanctions against McCarrick were ‘private’

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, the former nuncio to the United States who called on Pope Francis to resign for allegedly lifting sanctions placed on Archbishop Theodore E. McCarrick, now says those "sanctions" were "private" and neither he nor now-retired Pope Benedict XVI ever was able to enforce them.
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Archbishop Lori’s Homily: 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Going forward, it is not merely a matter of adopting best practices or working harder. What is most needed is deep repentance, beginning with us, your bishops. What is needed is a purification of the whole Church.
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