April 16, 2018

Big fat juicy ones, long slim slimy ones…

On our morning drive to school it was gray and rainy. It looked like a long, wet, gray day without outdoor recess. As our car inched along in the drop-off line, I spotted a little girl—maybe 6 or 7 years old—bounding along the sidewalk. She was stopping every few feet to bend down to the...
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‘Is my dad in heaven?’ little boy asks pope

"How beautiful to hear a son say of his father, 'He was good,'" the pope told the children during a visit to St. Paul of the Cross parish April 15.
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Retired pope celebrates 91st birthday

Pope Francis offered his early morning Mass for his predecessor and then sent his personal best wishes.
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Pope, Christian leaders condemn use of violence against Syria

The pope's appeal came after the United States, France and the United Kingdom launched missiles on Syria April 13, targeting sites intended to weaken the nation's chemical weapons capability.
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