July 20, 2017

Pope’s visit to Cartagena to highlight inequality in Latin America

When Pope Francis visits Colombia in September, he will take his message of mercy and reconciliation to Cartagena, a city that still bears scars of its painful history as a slave port. And he will walk the streets where another Jesuit, St. Peter Claver, put that message into practice four centuries ago.
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Camp GLOW participants share ‘love of Christ’

“It’s an opportunity for people with disabilities to be with each other for a week,” Deacon Fleming said. “It’s a respite for families and caregivers."
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Health care prescription? Regroup, cooperate, Catholic health leaders say

After efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act collapsed late July 17 in the U.S. Senate, Catholic health care leaders said they hope Congress will work together, in small steps, to fix flaws in the current legislation.
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Who speaks for Charlie Gard?

We are morally obliged to accept treatment that offers benefit without entailing greater burdens. Catholic tradition does not teach a "vitalism" insisting that everything possible must always be done to prolong life.
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