April 15, 2017

Young lobbyists take to Hill for Catholic schools

WASHINGTON – A wave of teenage – and preteen – lobbyists descended upon Washington Jan. 31 to make the legislative case for Catholic schools on a variety of issues, including educational choice. They were Catholic school students themselves and were at the Capitol for the annual National Appreciation Day for Catholic Schools, part of the...
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The last dance as daddy’s little girl

Kimberly Hartman has been eagerly planning her June wedding for months now and after searching through typical father-daughter wedding songs, she and her parents decided on Heartland’s “I loved her first.” It is tradition for the father of the bride to dance with his daughter on her wedding day. This is the last dance that...
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Active mind may decrease chances of Alzheimer’s

Dr. Barbara Ensor is hooked on Sudoku, the challenging 9-by-9 grid Japanese brainteaser seemingly everywhere lately in print and online. The challenge of Sudoku is that a number between one and nine can appear only once on each row, in each column and on each 3-by-3 area. The doctor realizes the puzzle is a way...
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Soul mates without the soul

Without mention of the soul, the Merriam-Webster dictionary describes a “soul mate” as “a person who is perfectly suited to another in temperament; a person who strongly resembles another in attitudes or beliefs.” Monsignor Jeremiah F. Kenney, judicial vicar, agrees that the soul is not involved. “The Church has no position on the term if...
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Explore ways to find love after 50

Mary Ann Leard learned how to lay laminate flooring by attending clinics at Home Depot on Saturday mornings. She attended to learn the skill, not to meet someone; however, Ms. Leard said that’s one good way for singles to meet people. “It takes the focus off yourself,” said the single 60-year-old president of the archdiocese’s...
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Young Catholic urges donation of money

WASHINGTON (CNS) -- Rich Halvorson is counting on 10 million Americans to fast with him Ash Wednesday, Feb. 21, and to donate the money they would have spent on food to what he terms “highly efficient” charities. Mr. Halvorson, a 25-year-old Catholic from Boise, Idaho, believes the donations could reach $50 million. The charities he’s...
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Canadian court OKs three-parent family

OTTAWA (CNS) -- Pro-marriage and Catholic groups have called for a federal government study after the Court of Appeal for Ontario recognized three parents for a child living with a lesbian couple.
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The Pilgrim’s Way

Beatification bound Or, “Roamin’ to Rome” ORTE, Italy – Coming from Kentucky and Tennessee, Florida and Ohio, Maryland and Virginia, Delaware and Pennsylvania, a group of 50 pilgrims from the eastern United States gathered in Rome to join hundreds of thousands of others expected to witness the beatification of Karol Wojtyla, Pope John Paul II....
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Father Martin’s reflection: “The God of Surprises met me”

I asked the priests in the group to share their some of their reflections on the pilgrimage. Here’s one from Father Martin Burnham. – CG
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