March 20, 2016

Palm Sunday 2016

I. Introduction: A Royal Entrance A. We have just celebrated the entry of Jesus in Jerusalem. He arrives on a donkey to the acclaim of many people. And while a donkey strikes us as a humble animal, Jesus makes an important claim by entering Jerusalem on a donkey as yet unridden. It is a signal...
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What I Wore Sunday, though “What We Did with Our Palms” would be more exciting

I always enjoy seeing other bloggers who post for “What I Wore Sunday,” but I’ve never joined in. What I usually wear is whichever sweater or blazer is clean and a pair of pants.This week, though, John and I went to a 1920s-themed gala to support Mercy High School in Baltimore,
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Pilgrims brave cold, rain to “Walk in Mercy”

Hundreds participated in this year's Young and Young Adult Pilgrimage in Baltimore.
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A Tale of Two Chocolate Bunnies (and a few thoughts as we begin Holy Week)

At our first Easter egg hunt, our older son won an enormous solid chocolate bunny. He carried it proudly home and tucked it into the refrigerator.Every few weeks I reminded him that it was there—and taking up our refrigerator space. Would he like to break off a piece?Definitely not. He
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