A Tale of Two Chocolate Bunnies (and a few thoughts as we begin Holy Week)

At our first Easter egg hunt, our older son won an enormous solid chocolate bunny. He carried it proudly home and tucked it into the refrigerator.
Every few weeks I reminded him that it was there—and taking up our refrigerator space. Would he like to break off a piece?
Definitely not. He wanted to save it.
Fast forward a year to the next Easter. We went back to the same hunt and our younger son won an identical chocolate bunny.

As soon as we got home, the year-old bunny came out of the fridge to meet the new bunny. But this time there was no conversation about saving either rabbit for later. Our younger son tore open the wrapping and bit off his bunny’s ears. His big brother, who had waited a year for this moment, followed.
Apparently the taste of victory—and year-old chocolate—was still sweet, even with the delay. The boys sat happily together, dining on ears and paws and noses. By the end of the day the rabbits were gone.

One of the joys of being a mother to our children is that I have the chance to parent two individuals with such different personalities. Each of them offers a distinct lens on the world, and I find myself experiencing much of life anew again and again as I walk this path with them.
I find myself having a similar experience as I listen to the scripture readings during Holy Week and the Easter season. The stories at this time of year are so rich, full of description and drama. But what I love are the many diverse people, the different personalities, the Word of God offers. We can connect with our Lord’s Death and Resurrection in a new way every time as we consider the perspectives of some of the people he encountered on his path to Calvary.
And there are so many people to meet, men and women, followers of Jesus and those trying to stop him, sinners and saints—and some who are both of those at once. Which person in Jesus’ life story will speak to you this season?
Maybe you will identify with the Good Thief. Maybe you will feel like Peter hearing the cock crow for the third time. Perhaps you will find yourself viewing Jesus’ death on the cross through our Blessed Mother’s eyes or St. John’s. On Easter morning you could be the faster disciple who reaches the tomb first or Peter who arrives later but seems to see and understand more.
Because of the diversity of the people mentioned in the Gospels, there truly is someone for everyone. And, I can’t speak for you, but somehow I never know whose eyes I’ll find myself looking through each year—especially since our children could ask a question and shift my attention to someone I haven’t even considered in the past.
The stories of Jesus’ Passion and Resurrection are such a blessing to us, especially as we conclude our Lenten journeys and transition into the joy of the Easter season. And many of those individuals aren’t merely characters, or sources of inspiration and insight on our faith journeys, but also potential advocates for us in heaven.
I hope you can find someone in those scripture readings who speaks to you this year. Maybe you’ll be surprised who it is.
And if you happen to win a gigantic chocolate bunny, feel free to eat it however and whenever you want.

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