July 23, 2012

Catholic Review Column: In Service to One in Service to All

As this issue of The Catholic Review goes to press, I am preparing to take part in the annual convention of the Knights of Columbus which will be held this year in Anaheim, California. Since I serve as Chaplain to the whole Order and I am still in the process of introducing myself to all...
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Church must participate in process

It is not enough to blame the Supreme Court or Congress for threats against religious liberty. It has been traditionally the job of the church to provide an antidote to the excesses of government.
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Movie Review: The Dark Knight Rises

This avish closing chapter of the "Dark Knight" trilogy will not disappoint dedicated fans.
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A real women’s magazine? Or a mag for real women?

Last night I flew back from a whirlwind 11-day, three state tour-de-Midwest. My husband and I attended friends’ weddings in Milwaukee and Bismarck on the weekends, and spent the middle part of our trip with friends and family in Minneapolis, where we both lived for a long stretch. As good as
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2012 Spirited Women of Baltimore Award Winners include Catholics in leadership

Three Catholic women are being honored by this year’s Spirited Women of Baltimore awards.
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This could be your lucky day—no, wait, it’s your brother’s

We rarely play the lottery. But a few months ago when we had two scratch-off tickets, John casually handed one to each of our sons. Leo scratched his and won $2. He was thrilled. Then Daniel scratched his and won $50. Leo’s bubble burst. “It’s not fair!” he said. “Why did he win
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