Church must participate in process


It is not enough to blame the Supreme Court or Congress for threats against religious liberty. It has been traditionally the job of the church to provide an antidote to the excesses of government. Elected officials can do whatever they want as long as nobody stops them. For too long nobody, including the churches whose job it is to stand against the evils of the day, has stopped them.

America’s churches have a lot to do between now and (the general election) Nov. 6 to reclaim their previous authority and educate from the pulpit in an aggressive and dynamic fashion, to stand against the evils of the day instead of shivering under the threat of a court that is less than supreme.

Without the active participation of the churches democracy does not work. The founders knew that; they never built a wall there.


Elizabeth Ward Nottrodt


Catholic Review

The Catholic Review is the official publication of the Archdiocese of Baltimore.