April 30, 2020

Every Catholic man should do this once

I completed the Exodus program this Easter as part of a fraternity at St. John Parish in Westminster. It changed my life.
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Few sermons mention abortion in U.S. Christianity, Pew finds

The percentage of sermons about abortion is in the single digits, according to a Pew Research Center study, the results of which were released April 29.
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Archdiocese of Baltimore develops plans for reopening

Anticipating the day when the functions of the church can be reopened to the public in a gradual way that protects the health of the general population, leaders of the Archdiocese of Baltimore are developing post-quarantine guidelines and protocols regarding liturgy, the sacraments and related concerns.
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Hundreds of prayers pour into the archdiocese, offering a window into the pandemic

As the coronavirus pandemic paralyzed the country and filled hospitals with patients, hundreds of people in the Archdiocese of Baltimore have asked Archbishop William E. Lori to pray for them through a new prayer request page launched March 25 on the archdiocesan website.
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Catholic bioethicist: COVID-19 vaccine could be question of conscience

There is "no absolute duty" to boycott any COVID-19 vaccine produced with the help of cells derived from aborted fetuses, said a researcher from a Catholic bioethics institute.
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