Book Review

In health scare, Jeannie Gaffigan relied on combined dose of faith, humor

The book recounts the unexpected discovery of a pear-sized tumor in Gaffigan's brain in 2017, her three-day journey from learning about its existence (almost by accident) to surgery and a complicated recovery where she was unable to eat or even drink water for six months.
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Fictional dialogue shows Catholic, Protestant beliefs on Eucharist

The major theme and strongest part of the book centers around the Eucharist and whether it is a symbol or the actual body of Christ.
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Despite flaws, book offers fair assessment of Francis’ papacy so far

The book is certainly the best extant treatment of the state of the Catholic Church in the Francis era. It is readable, broadly accurate and (while Douthat clearly has a point of view) reasonably fair in its treatment of the events.
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