March 19, 2018

Toys R Us: Where a kid got to be a kid

Robyn Barberry laments the loss of a venerable toy store chain.
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Gender identity workshop highlights church teaching, pastoral response

Presenters at a workshop for parish and archdiocesan leaders regarding “The Catholic Church and Gender Identity” emphasized the need to take every case individually in order to provide pastoral care.
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Despite flaws, book offers fair assessment of Francis’ papacy so far

The book is certainly the best extant treatment of the state of the Catholic Church in the Francis era. It is readable, broadly accurate and (while Douthat clearly has a point of view) reasonably fair in its treatment of the events.
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Imitate St. Pio’s life, don’t forget poor, marginalized, pope says

Many people admire St. Padre Pio, but too few imitate him, especially in his care for the weak, the sick and those who modern culture treats as disposable, Pope Francis said during Mass at Padre Pio's shrine.
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Vatican releases full text of contested letter from Pope Benedict

Five days after releasing only a portion of a letter from retired Pope Benedict XVI regarding a collection of books about the theology of Pope Francis, the Vatican Secretariat for Communication released the complete text of the letter.
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