Book Reviews

‘Parallel biography’ of Father Merton, Bob Dylan offers unique insights

The great thing about this book is that it runs circles around any mere biographical treatment of either Father Merton or Dylan. It makes connections between both men's lives.
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Book says nuns found John Paul I dead, could help on path to sainthood

Two women may hold the key to clearing up questions still surrounding the death of Pope John Paul I and to overcoming the first hurdle on his path to canonization.
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Beauty, poetry of classic hymns comes through in book, audio CD

Anthony Esolen, an accomplished literary scholar who is a faithful Catholic, turns his attention to the poetry of our beloved classic hymns in "Real Music."
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Author says rosary ‘can help us achieve peace in the world’

"It's a simple prayer, easily memorized, ideal for group or individual praying while on the go or sitting still," Crowe said. "Its simplicity also allows for families to easily pray the prayers together, with young children even able to lead."
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