June 26, 2020

Our first grill, a car parade from afar, a 49th anniversary gift, and birdcage liner (7 Quick Takes)

In the excitement about getting pet birds, I have failed to acknowledge another significant change for our family. We got a grill.
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Movie Review: ‘Irresistible’

The movie's lampooning of both the cynicism underlying our current electoral system and the cultural divide separating the coasts from the heartland will likely amuse most grown-ups.
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Trump’s order on foster care backs partnerships with faith-based agencies

President Donald Trump June 24 called for creating partnerships between state agencies and public, private, faith-based and community organizations "to help keep families together and, when that is not possible, to find children forever families."
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Making a real hash of things

Maybe today you’re looking for something even more important than hash browns. Maybe you’re searching for hope or peace or comfort or an answer to a difficult problem.
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