March 11, 2020

Priest cites religious freedom violations in northern Nigeria

A priest who serves as director of the Justice, Development and Peace Commission in his diocese in northern Nigeria cited an ongoing series of religious freedom violations in his region of the country, which is majority Muslim.
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Pope composes prayer to Mary during coronavirus pandemic

Here is a CNS translation of the prayer Pope Francis recited by video March 11 for a special Mass and act of prayer asking Mary to protect Italy and the world during of the coronavirus pandemic.
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Outside Italy, European churches begin guidance to halt COVID-19 spread

Catholic churches across Europe are suspending the sign of peace during Mass in an attempt to halt the spread of coronavirus.
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Movie Review: ‘I Am Patrick’

The reasons the church continues to honor the Apostle of Ireland more than 1,500 years after his death shine forth in the film "I Am Patrick" (CBN), a docudrama screening in theaters for two nights only, March 17 -- St. Patrick's Day -- and March 18.
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A good and upright man

Joseph is a strong role model for someone who accepts the will of the Lord and lives it out.
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Baltimore seminarian returns from Rome as Marylanders prepare for coronavirus threat

Deacon Justin Gough, a Baltimore seminarian studying in Rome, has just returned home after spending the last few weeks amid the serious outbreak of the novel coronavirus in Italy -- an experience that has taught him not to panic but also not to underestimate the threat of Covid-19.
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