January 14, 2020

Quebec to take ethics, religious culture out of school curriculum

The government of Quebec is about to eliminate its Ethics and Religious Culture curriculum, which replaced catechesis in schools in 2008.
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Movie Review: ‘1917’

This historical drama displays both the horrors of trench combat and the endurance of fundamental decency and spiritual striving.
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What I did on my Christmas holiday

The nature of true argument is not to destroy the interlocutor. It’s not even to “win,” really. The point of debate and argument in the classical sense it to delve into and arrive at the Truth.
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Cumberland couple marks 70 years of marriage and religious tolerance

Dorothy and Fred Squires are celebrating 70 years of marriage. They have inculcated a sense of respect for religious diversity among their children.
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“FAITH IN BALTIMORE,” A celebration of Catholic Service and Impact in Baltimore City; Civic Leaders, Corporate and Non-Profit Partners and Heads of Catholic Institutions Gather to Promote Greater Collaboration

For Immediate Release Tuesday, January 14, 2020 On Wednesday, January 15, 2020, Archbishop William E. Lori, Archbishop of Baltimore, and Mr. William J. McCarthy, Executive Director of Catholic Charities, will co-host the first annual Faith in Baltimore celebration,  bringing together government and civic leaders along with the Archdiocese’s business and non-profit partners, and heads of...
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Retired pope wants his name removed as co-author of book on celibacy

At the request of retired Pope Benedict XVI, his name will be removed as co-author of a book defending priestly celibacy, said Cardinal Robert Sarah, the Vatican official who coordinated work on the book.
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