November 20, 2019

Choosing gratitude even when it’s not easy

It’s easy to be grateful when the sun is shining and everything is humming along beautifully, but it may be more important to be grateful when we hit a bump in the road.
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Mary and me

I am the biggest advocate for my kids. She is Jesus' biggest advocate.
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Slain Jesuits remembered worldwide for sacrificing lives for poor, peace

Around the world, communities of their Jesuit brothers, but also laity involved in social justice circles and even Pope Francis, made sure their names and what they stood for was not forgotten.
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Issue of selling slaves ‘bigger than Georgetown,’ says descendant

The issue of Georgetown University selling slaves more than 180 years ago to get out of a debt that could have shut down the institution is "bigger than Georgetown," said one of the roughly 8,000 known descendants of those enslaved African Americans.
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