October 10, 2019

In death penalty discussion, U.S. bishops emphasize human dignity, mercy

The Catholic Church's opposition to the death penalty stems from its view on the sacredness of human life and the value of mercy, said U.S. bishops in a roundtable discussion about capital punishment Oct. 10.
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Accompanied by angels

We want to believe the sun will rise tomorrow and we’ll embrace the fullness of another day. We must live life with that hope. There is no other way.
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Monsignor Aiken accompanied by many on his ‘journey’ with cancer

Nine months into his fight with stage 4 cancer, the 74-year-old priest of the Archdiocese of Baltimore can see he is not alone.
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What kind of “believers”?

Catholicism is dying in the German-speaking world, not because the Gospel has been proclaimed and found incredible or hard, but because it hasn’t been proclaimed with joy, confidence, and zeal.
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Does heaven pass away?/ Mixed marriage and children

Father Doyle fields questions on heaven and raising children in the faith when in a mixed marriage.
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Little Sisters of the Poor again seek Supreme Court’s help

The Little Sisters of the Poor filed a petition with the Supreme Court Oct. 1 asking the court to once again protect them from the contraceptive mandate of the Affordable Care Act.
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