February 1, 2019

Snow day art projects, spaghetti for dinner, pigs for Chinese New Year, prayer cards, and dip (7 Quick Takes)

It has been cold this week, though not as cold as it has been in some parts of the country. I couldn’t make outdoor play possible every day, but we did have scissors and colored paper.
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One more benefit of Catholic schools

Catholic Schools Week always serves as a time to reflect upon the many gifts that those institutions give us: a solid education, a deeper faith and lasting friendships.
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Emulate God, work together

There is divinity flowing though us all the time. We just have to believe that. And then winter will turn to spring. 
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International study suggests religious people are happier

The results of a wide-ranging study that surveyed the attitudes of people in as many as 35 countries suggest that happiness is tied to being religiously active.
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Pope says modern martyrs intercede for peace, Christian unity

The martyrs of different Christian churches throughout the Middle East are together in heaven, interceding for peace in the region and enjoying the unity for which all Christians on earth must strive, Pope Francis said.
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Archbishop Lori’s Homily: Friday, 3rd Week in Ordinary Time; Votive Mass of the Sacred Heart

Presuming there is good soil in our hearts and that we are tending it, the seed of faith planted there in Baptism grows slowly, according to the design of God’s grace and mercy, and sometimes, without our realizing it.
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