January 29, 2019

Let the little children come to Mass

Children at Mass aren’t Catholics in training. They are Catholics. They are already members of our community. As one of our favorite priests once said, “Children aren’t the future of the Church. They are the Church.”
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New York, abortion and a short route to chaos

Abandoning the convictions of one’s conscience in the exercise of one’s public duties is precisely equivalent to “I’m personally opposed but unwilling to take concrete action to instantiate my opposition.”
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Some call for N.Y. governor to be excommunicated for supporting abortion

Since Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed New York's new expansive abortion measure into law Jan. 22, the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, some Catholics have called for the governor, who is Catholic, to be excommunicated.
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Special Olympian ‘a light that shines’ at Gambrills school

Gogue is in her 15th year as a valued member of the Incarnation community, where she works in the after-school program and volunteers as a classroom helper.
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Take my breath away: Skiing, mountains and Christ

No matter how many times we may fall or mess up, Jesus is always right there to patiently lift us up, encourage us and give us new strength with his grace and his mercy!
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