October 25, 2018

Pokemon tournaments, not winning $1 billion, what we had for dinner this week, and more (7 Quick Takes)

There was a time where I was not proficient in Pokemon. I’m still not an expert, but I can at least speak the language.
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Getting real about our challenges

We need a church that recovers what it means to be a family, a family that can disagree and argue passionately about things, but also that loves one another.
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Bishops, sisters discuss declining numbers of U.S. women religious

The precipitous decline in the number of women in religious life and what it means to the church has people thinking about how to prepare for the future.
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Bishops to start 2019 with spiritual retreat

The U.S. bishops will start 2019 with a spiritual retreat to pray and reflect on the important matters facing the Catholic Church.
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Mission Helper remembered fondly in Middletown

A funeral Mass for Sister Rita Tschudi, a member of the Mission Helpers of the Sacred Heart for 63 years who served for 14 years in a Frederick County parish, was offered at Stella Maris Chapel in Timonium Oct. 24.
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Pope: Holiness comes from experience of Christ’s love, not pious talk

Christians reveal their faith not by spewing superfluous words about Jesus but by having a genuine experience of his love despite their sins, Pope Francis said.
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Archbishop Lori’s Homily: Red Mass, “Beyond Civility”

If we want to have civility in society, then let us beware of reducing everything to partisan politics. For the places where civility is fostered are in fact pre-political institutions, like the home, the family, the school, church, sports, and other free associations.
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