October 10, 2018

Baltimore Archdiocese, Catholic Charities help launch Parish ID in city

“We are sending a clear message, that people have a right to be safe,” the archbishop said. “People have a right to live in a city where they see each other as neighbors and friends, rather than strangers and enemies. Baltimore's interim police commissioner, Gary Tuggle, addresses questions from the media Oct. 10 outside Sacred...
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Most important parts of life

Sometimes our focal point in life is off. We should be looking at – and appreciating – what we are holding in our hands – life’s blessings and gifts.
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Contempt for life is the source of all evil, pope says

Procuring an abortion is wrong, inhumane and like hiring a hit man "to fix a problem," Pope Francis said.
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A season of loss and love

I used to love autumn, and I still do. But when the leaves begin to change, and the evenings and mornings are dimmer, there are moments when the weight of the season hits me. Even with all the beauty and life and celebration of this time of year, autumn is also a season of loss—especially...
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