July 19, 2018

Recovering from vacation, for Pete’s sake, a new iCade, household chores, and the worst sounds in the world (7 Quick Takes)

Nothing is more fun than taking a vacation week at the beach. But I can’t believe how tired I still am from a vacation that ended a week ago.
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Movie Review: ‘Skyscraper’

Way back in 1958, James Stewart's character struggled with vertigo in the Alfred Hitchcock movie of the same name. But he had it easy compared to Dwayne Johnson's ex-U.S. military security expert Will Sawyer in "Skyscraper"
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Spanish church leaders criticize government plans on religion in schools

Spain's Catholic Church has voiced "deep concern" over plans by the new government to curb religious teaching and re-examine past accords with the Vatican.
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Cycle of life, interrupted, for bad and then good

It’s been three weeks since a man with a grudge and a rifle shot down the doorway to the Annapolis Capital and murdered five of its employees, among them two colleagues. Every one of those 21 days has been required to process the mysteries of life and what can only be described as survivor’s guilt.
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Nicaraguan bishops to pray for exorcism as violence continues

Churches and clergy in Nicaragua have come under attack for trying to protect populations protesting authoritarian rule.
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