May 20, 2018

Memories of our wedding day

It wasn’t a royal wedding. We didn’t have a horse and carriage and the queen didn’t have to approve my gown. But I can still remember many details of the day.
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Pope will create 14 new cardinals in June

Pope Francis announced he would make 14 new cardinals June 29, giving the red cardinal's hat to the papal almoner, the Iraq-based patriarch of the Chaldean Catholic Church and the archbishop of Karachi, Pakistan, among others.
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Archbishop Lori’s Homily: Pentecost Sunday 2018; Archdiocesan Confirmation

Jesus sends us forth! After the Holy Spirit came upon the Apostles, they didn’t stay in the Upper Room. They didn’t say, “Let’s form a study club” or “Let’s issue a newsletter”. No, they went right out the door and started bearing witness to the Gospel.
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Archbishop Lori’s Homily: Pentecost Sunday 2018

Let’s turn now to the great feast we celebrate, the coming of the Holy Spirit, by reminding ourselves of an experience that we’ve all had at one time or another, and it’s this: we have to write an essay or a report and we just can’t get started.
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